After spending 32 years in building renovation and construction, I discovered photography while in Warsaw, Poland, where I lived for almost 4 years. Being in the middle of Europe allowed me to travel a lot and to find my way in the world of photography. I discovered the beauty of major cities like Barcelona, Paris, Warsaw but also smaller places like Colmar, Krakow, Kazimierz Dolny, Arles, just to name a few.

While, as an artist-photographer, I can to some extent choose the type of subject, location, light, composition, equipment and other vital technical aspects of the image, I have very little control over some artistic aspects of my work during the process of taking an image. Therefore, to fully satisfy my creativity I need to work on my photographs after I complete the image capture. For me, the pleasure of creating emotion starts here with the type of fine art photograph I want to produce. It is at this stage that the funs begins, in post-processing I am able to inject to the image the emotional impression that I felt when shooting the image. I create part of the image from my own experience, inspiration, expressing the emotions and the vision I have as an artist. In fact, I consider myself an intuitive, spontaneous and emotional photographer. Often, I use multiple captures while creating an image with the goal of creating a unique piece of artwork. Sometimes, my project demand no post processing at all, other times I will use extreme distortions & variations with colors, shadows, the light movement to create my Chromatic Art series.  The tools I am using are mainly Nikon D300 and D800 digital cameras, but also experimenting with some old style film cameras, for example, the Holga, Zenit-8 and Minolta SRT-101. Sometime, I will use multi-media to print the final work.


I love the creative aspect of being a  photographer. I am in constant evolution and that is exciting and fun. I am exploring and learning ways to capture an image.  I am in a process of developing my style, and what I want to explore as an artist.


Yvan Delisle

Yvan Delisle in Baden-Baden

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